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Shaar Hayichud Level 1, Introduction Class

Shaar HaYichud is Hebrew for “The Gate of Divine Unity”.

Also known as “sefer hitbonenut”, the Book of Contemplation, it is both a map of the inner structure of universe and a pathway to the experience of Divine consciousness within your own mind. This profoundly enlightening authentic Kabbalah learning is designed to transform the default functioning of your mind and heart, allowing you to connect to deeper dimensions of reality and perceive the underlying Divine purpose and presence in all things.


 What and Why

Learn about the Divine pattern of transformation, and how your challenges are actually the portal to your greatest hidden potential.

The Power of Beliefs

Your mind is the Gateway between your soul’s potential and your reality. Your beliefs are the Gatekeepers. As you recognize your specific limiting beliefs and replace them with new, “deeper truth” beliefs, you will supercharge your life experience and start gaining access to your soul’s hidden powers.

Morphic Fields

Though we operate within the physical "laws of nature," the way that our physical circumstances manifest is intensely influenced by the energetic and spiritual dimensions that lie beneath.

Morphic fields are underlying dimensions of organizing information that have their own "laws of nature" -- of cause and effect -- and which fields you are connected to will have an enormous influence on what is possible in your life and world. Understand what connects you to specific morphic fields and how to make new connections that will change the way your life unfolds!

Golus Vs Geula

Golus means exile. Geula means redemption. The ‘human condition’ of suffering and struggle is a core feature of exile and a crucial phase of our cosmic Divine evolution, but it is only here as a means to an end-- a Divine, miraculous world. In these critical transitional times, learning how to transform golus to geula is the most important key to an empowered, co-creative life.

Secrets Of The Shift:

 Two Morphic Fields

In this class we will talk about two very different morphic fields and how they express themselves in our life experience and the results we get. Learn the core Kabbalah secrets of the two primal morphic fields that are available now, and how you can start moving out of the struggle of human history and into the
miracles of Divine destiny.

Matrix Healing

These unique prayer/healing sessions have catalyzed shifts and even miracles for thousands of people around the globe. Tune in to experience the energy for yourself!

Turning Walls Into Doorways

Authentic Kabbalah explains that the most brilliant light is hidden in the darkness. In the exact same way, your life’s challenges are actually portals to the miraculous powers of your soul. Turning Walls into Doorways is Shifra’s signature methodology for transforming your challenges into new potential and Divine power while catalyzing shifts and blessings into your life!

Aleph Beis Introduction Class

Hebrew is also known as “lashon hakodesh”, or the Holy language. Authentic Kabbalah explains that the letters of the Hebrew language are the  living creative channels which the Creator is bringing you, me and all of reality into being in real time.  

This dynamic bonus call will introduce you to the mysteries of the Hebrew alphabet/aleph beis, the building blocks of creation.

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